Friday, December 14, 2018
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Pakistani Athlete Criticizes Ad Featuring Momina Mustehsan

Pakistani squash athlete Noorena Shams criticized Sprite soft drink advertisement which starred Coke Studio fame Momina Mustehsan kicking a football, saying that brands should endorse real life athletes.

She says it would have been a better idea to cast football star Asmara Kiani or Sana in the ad, she wrote in a Facebook post.


They do not need your money but at least they deserve to be supported when it comes to representation of our country. They can not even afford shoes or rackets. They play for the country without any greed.


Noorena Shams on Momina Mustehsan
Noorena Shams Facebook Post

Noorena makes a point. Pakistani footballer Sana Mahmud commented below, “I think there is a huge disconnect between mainstream media and Pakistani athletes.”


Similar debates have ranged in India. Until a Nike ad featuring Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone and 12 Indian athletes hit the screens. The ad was hailed as a perfect example of how ads can include celebrities and athletes to endorse brands.